| 1506091148
Brian Hoyer's start in Thursday's 41-39 loss to the Rams was disastrous, but he moved on from it quickly.
| 1506089252
The injuries piled up for both the Rams and 49ers on Thursday night.
The Rams picked up their first win at Levi's Stadium in three years
| 1506053822
A look at the controversial call that may have cost the 49ers a chance at a comeback win over the Rams.
| 1506050817
Thursday Night Football is coming down to a crazy finish.
| 1506048785
Check out these two big catches that led to touchdowns for the 49ers.
| 1506047500
The 49ers are back within seven of the Rams in the third quarter.
| 1506043491
Reuben Foster was seen wearing this cool jersey on the sidelines tonight.
| 1506041237
The 49ers are without their top running back, for the moment.
| 1506040841
Brian Hoyer responds from a rough start with his first touchdown run since 1999.

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