| 1513206157
Griffin is appearing on ESPN this week as a guest analyst.
| 1513196680
The statement came in response to a series of hoax websites.
The Washington Redhawks are not an actual thing
| 1513192794
The group revealed themselves as Native advocates.
| 1513183446
The fake websites appeared across the internet.
| 1513181151
McShay has the Redskins taking Derwin James 13th overall.
| 1513176482
Williams is the only player in the NFL to record the statistic.
| 1513112577
Reed has missed six consecutive games with a hamstring injury.
| 1513111598
Griffin will appear as a substitute for suspended analyst Donovan McNabb.
| 1513107272
Cousins is set to become a free agent at the end of the season.

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