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TV info for the Redskins matchup against the Giants.
| 1511455515
Cousins will guaranteed $34 million if franchise tagged.
This matchup isn't quite as sexy as it was before the season but the Redskins can still make a playoff run
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What are you thankful for?
| 1511401148
The story appears in A Football Life: Joe Gibbs, airing on Friday.
| 1511390760
The documentary will showcase Gibbs' life and career in the NFL.
| 1511389792
Gibbs proved to be a master at personal relationships as well as football X's and O's.
| 1511382636
With a short turnaround and bodies piling up, can Washington get it done?
| 1511381660
Swearinger has been the Redskins' vocal leader this season.
The quarterback also says he's open to exploring politics and a law degree after football

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