| 1512919638
Several 2019 prospects in Ohio are landing their first offers, including linebacker Cannon Blauser.
| 1511902254
Written by guest contributor and first-year DFWC player Blue Lantern Please Note: This series will take you inside the underpinnings of a startup in a high-stakes
| 1511768383
Check out Playoff Week 2 Results and Week 3 Pairing/Location Data as it is updated throughout the week!
| 1511628493
Statewide Area Playoff Scores .... . ...
| 1511507687
More than 50% of the playoff games in the state of Texas were played last week. Each week, we say goodbye to another half of the teams left. See who we pick to survive!
| 1511278693
Menomonee Falls (Wis.) head coach Dan Lutz sometimes has to tell star running back Julius Davis NOT to try to run over defenders, which tells you what kind of back he is.
| 1511121300
Area Playoff Pairings .. .. ..
| 1511104897
Several freshman stood out in Ohio this season, including Revere offensive lineman Ben Christman.
| 1510923696
Last week saw many teams make big statements, including Miami and Auburn. This week will see many of those teams try to hold the Playoff position they've given themselves.
| 1510877160
Bi-District scores from Thursday night ....

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