| 1508448128
Like most walk-on stories, Mike Swift's journey is a memorable one.
| 1508445147
The Pirates' defense continue to show fight when it could easily roll over given what it's endured this season.
| 1508430913
The Pirates and Cougars will play this Saturday night, and again in 2022 and 2024.
| 1508371907
After a successful week running the ball against UCF, ECU is now trying to put both phases of its offense together at once.
| 1508361269
Jeff Compher has a message for the Pirate Nation ahead of this weekend's homecoming game.
| 1508359740
Setting the stage for ECU's final non-conference game against BYU.
| 1508348630
The two upperclassmen hope to see the Pirate fans continue to come out and support the team.
| 1508264134
The Pirates head coach explains why he took Thomas Sirk out and if he thought about giving third-string QB Reid Herring any playing time.
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