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Edwards updates his status with Fresno State after committing in June.
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Allen explains where the hometown Fresno State Bulldogs stand in his overall recruitment.
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Friday Night Football is hosted by Lucio Ourique from the Barkboard.com Fresno State's Scout.com site and by Lorenzo Reyna of Golden State Preps on Scout.com The boys are
Clemson's defense is for real after keeping Lamar Jackson and Louisville in check
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Fresno State WR Keesean Johnson spoke with the media following the Bulldogs' 48-16 loss to Washington in Seattle...
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Fresno State DB Mike Bell talked about the Bulldogs' road loss at Washington and more...
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Fresno State head coach Jeff Tedford spoke with the media following the Bulldogs 48-16 road loss to Washington...
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Fresno State offensive lineman Aaron Mitchell talked with the media following the Bulldogs' 48-16 loss to Washington...
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BarkBoard.com talks one-on-one with Fresno State cornerback Johnny Johnson.
This game may have been one of the ugliest we will see this year

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