Find out which of your favorite team's players are among the nation's best entering the 2017 season
| 1502895486
Dele Harding is waiting in Tre Watson's wings. But when his number is called, he's ready.
From Florida quarterback to Wisconsin running back, these are the top jobs still up for grabs
| 1502815399
Jamal Milan enters 2017 as the most experienced and talented Illinois defensive linemen. But he must prove he can stay on the field.
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BTN game analyst believes Chayce Crouch is the "x factor" for the Fighting Illini.
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Illinois coach Lovie Smith discusses offensive strides, Saturday's scrimmage and the freshmen
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**Check out Isaac Trotter's practice notes and thoughts on the premium board**
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Scholarship kicker James McCourt didn't live up to expectations as a true freshman. The Illini redshirt freshman is fighting back though.
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Lovie Smith already announced Chayce Crouch as the starting quarterback. But given Crouch's tendency for contact, backup Jeff George Jr. is preparing himself to play
| 1502472813
Illinois safety Dawson DeGroot talks about his flowing locks, his truck-stick hits and his potential early role

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