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Last year seems so long ago, three wins, nine losses, injuries, losses to teams that fans felt like the Herd should never lose.  Spring has come and gone.  Now
A full win totals list for the 2017 college football season, according to Bovada
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It was a tough call to knock Trevor Lawrence from the No. 1 spot he's occupied since our initial 2018 rankings.
Talking seasons begins, as always, with the SEC, and Dennis Dodd sets your expectations
Dave Richard crunches the numbers on Brandon Marshall's personal stats and tendencies in the Giants passing game to predict just how helpful the veteran receiver will be in Fantasy.
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Who's ready for some (7on7) football?
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BEAVERTON, Ore. - The wide receivers dominated the first evening of competition at The Opening Finals. We liked this wide receiver position heading into the event but
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There's many five-star candidates among the wideouts here at The Opening Finals. Plus, a tight end that's turning heads.
From bio pics to comedies and documentaries, here are the college football movies you can't miss
If a movie was made about college football coaches, who would play them?

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