A look at the first conference power rankings of the 2017 college football season
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The USC grad transfer announced his retirement on Aug. 5.
Our bowls expert looks at the toughest -- and weakest -- nonconference schedules in the nation
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NCAA guidelines indicate an 8-12 week turnaround time for the COI's infractions report, which would include any potential penalties.
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The senior linebacker made 60 tackles and four tackles for loss in 2016.
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Buck Sanders and Jason Staples join host Tommy Ashley to give their take on the happenings in Carolina's preseason football camp thus far.....
Find out which of your favorite team's players are among the nation's best entering the 2017 season
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The grad transfer quickly earned a critical starting role camp.
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Mitch Trubisky isn't feeling the hype surrounding his Chicago Bears debut.
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An insider's look at the kicking and return game 15 days into Carolina's preseason camp.

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