| 1511177836
Ohio State has a very good shot at reaching the final four if things fall into place.
| 1511152260
What a cool way to kickoff Michigan week!
| 1511148669
It was pouring down rain but it was like Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett and his senior teammates did not want to leave Ohio Stadium after beating Illinois Saturday.
| 1511143151
Ohio State senior left tackle Jamarco Jones thought his time playing inside Ohio Stadium was done. That was until Urban Meyer sent the starters back in vs. Illinois.
| 1511139600
The Buckeyes know their two starts.
| 1511129348
Every school in America is looking for quality walkon players, and Ohio State landed a gem in Mason defensive tackle Zaid Hamdan.
| 1511125320
The Buckeyes get out to a big lead and carry it over for the fourth win of the year.
This week's AP Top 25 college football rankings remained largely unchanged
| 1511116764
Too many points for the Buckeyes vs. Michigan?
There should not be too many changes to this week's college football rankings

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