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The Buckeye quarterback is back in the Heisman race.
| 1508373000
The Ohio State players learned from their mistake from a year ago.
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Hard to argue with what the big guy is saying
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The Buckeyes definitely have some great offensive tackle options; visiting Emory Jones; Ohio State related changes and more...
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'Meech' as he's known plans on taking advantage of his opportunity
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Take a look at the eye-popping early junior season highlights of one of the top-rated prospects in the Lone Star State in the Class of 2019.
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Now fans can see what the alternate jerseys for the Penn State game look like.
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The country's No. 1 2019 O-tackle, Devontae Dobbs, will likely be headed the Buckeyes way again and likely won't be alone.
Midway through the season, we make some (more educated) predictions for the rest of the year
Could two teams from the same conference make it into the College Football Playoff?

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