| 1503017188
Having Chris Lammons able to play the safety position is vital for South Carolina this fall.
| 1503003237
Who is the real Jake Bentley? South Carolina football players did their best impersonation of their sophomore quarterback.
| 1502999160
This preseason the Gamecocks defense has a celebration for causing turnovers.
Our bowls expert looks at the toughest -- and weakest -- nonconference schedules in the nation
| 1502991439
A look at some of the recent and past history between Carolina and its 2017 football opponents.
| 1502990788
South Carolina BUCKs coach Mike Peterson and several defensive players met with the media on Thursday following practice.
| 1502989842
With the season fast approaching, South Carolina linebacker Skai Moore believes there won't be any drop off in his play after spending a year on the sidelines.
| 1502989577
The potential of South Carolina freshman Brad Johnson has his position coach excited through three weeks of fall camp.
| 1502986400
Jamari Brown, a three-star defensive back who measures in at 6-foot-3, 180 pounds, just pulled himself off the recruiting market by teaming up with the Kentucky Wildcats.
| 1502986171
It can't happen every season, but it's always a positive for South Carolina to play N.C. State or North Carolina in football.

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