| 1503126191
Tennessee insider information from Knoxville-based reporters
| 1503097800
Tennessee offensive lineman Brett Kendrick says it's "important" for the Vols "to get five people playing together" on their recently banged-up offensive line.
| 1503095820
Butch Jones recaps the good and bad he saw from Tennessee's scrimmage at Neyland Stadium on Wednesday night.
| 1503095400
Butch Jones' explanation for Shawn Shamburger having the black stripe removed from his practice was simple.
| 1503095400
Tennessee coach Butch Jones says a handful of the Vols' true freshmen caught his attention Wednesday during the team's first preseason scrimmage.
| 1503093948
Butch Jones: "If there is a suspension, I think we've been pretty consistent. We'll make an announcement and we'll talk about it."
| 1503088510
Check out the highlights from Tennessee's quarterbacks and wide receivers working on Haslam Field.
| 1503087900
Another Tennessee football newcomer has had his practice helmet stripe removed.
| 1503087275
The Yellow Jackets will be shorthanded when they kickoff against Tennessee on Sept. 4.
| 1503081604
Derek Barnett is set for a more prominent role in the Eagles defense.

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