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Episode 01.
Crazed Dog
Lawrence Taylor's former teammates and coaches describe the on-the-field career of the man who made "56" a football icon.
Episode 02.
Candy Shop
New York City was a different place in the 80's. Let these New Yorkers take you back to Lawrence Taylor's playground, a wilder, grimier Apple.
Episode 03.
Where's Dino ?
Meet Lawrence Taylor's best friend Dino as he describes what it was like to hang with Lawrence Taylor during his heyday. And, hear the story of a chance encounter on the golf course with the most powerful man in the world.
Episode 04.
That Was the Life
Family members tell you about the Lawrence Taylor you haven't seen- the Father, Husband, and "Big Kid" who was a source of constant joy... when he was around.
Episode 05.
Grip It and Rip It
A glimpse into Lawrence Taylor's other passion - golf. Former teammate Phil Simms tells his favorite story about Lawrence Taylor and his love for the links. It's a story that has truly stood the test of time.
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