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Washington Mystics guards Natasha Cloud is making history. Cloud signed an endorsement deal with Converse this week to become the first female basketball player to sign with the brand.

Cloud is coming off a season in which she averaged nine points, 5.6 assists, and 2.5 rebounds and helped the Mystics win their first WNBA title. Her points and assist averages were a career-high since entering the WNBA back in 2015 following a stellar collegiate career at Saint Joseph's. 

As Converse wrote in the signing announcement on their Instagram account, the Mystics guard also isn't afraid to vocalize her opinion on issues that the world is dealing with. She recently wrote an essay for the Players' Tribune following the death of George Floyd in which he urged fellow athletes not to remain silent. The shoe brand said Cloud's willingness to speak up on important issues is "one of many reasons" they signed her.

"Because there's no new information to wait for. There's no other side to hear from," Cloud said in the essay. "There's no safe space, no neutral territory to chill in and sit these issues out. Athletes, if you're reading this….. know that we see you. I'll repeat that: WE SEE YOU. I love y'all — and like I said, I'm so proud to be one of y'all. But you're being judged right now the same as everyone else — and if you're silent, you are part of the problem."

Converse has been a division of Nike since 2003.