While the 2019 edition of TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs didn't carry the hype of many of the biggest WWE pay-per-views -- after all, it did not feature a single match for a singles championship -- what fans were treated to was a card that delivered compelling and brutal matches from the kickoff show through the main event. With gimmick matches littering the PPV portion of the card, it would have been easy for the card to fall into a sort of sameness that dulled the impact of big moments as the night wore on, but stellar efforts from everyone involved in the card made the show one of the most memorable of the 2019 calendar.

In the main event, The Kabuki Warriors outlasted the game superteam of Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch to retain the women's tag championships in the final Tables, Ladders and Chairs match of the evening. The other TLC match saw King Corbin and friends simply overwhelm Roman Reigns through sheer numbers to deliver the 2019 King of the Ring the victory.

What went down Sunday night from Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota? CBS Sports was with you the entire way Sunday updating this story with results, grades and highlights. Subscribe to our podcast -- State of Combat with Brian Campbell -- and listen to our instant analysis of WWE TLC below.

2019 WWE TLC results, grades

Humberto Carrillo def. Andrade via pinfall (Kickoff Show): After their stellar match on SmackDown, Andrade and Carrillo ran it back. Andrade swung momentum his direction midway through the match by pushing Carrillo off the top rope to the ringside floor before he could execute a dive. Carrillo took a methodical beating from Andrade, specifically targeting the knee, before he was able to turn things around by dumping Andrade from the ring to the outside. Andrade took a big kick from Carrillo, suffering a cut from the blow that covered the left side of his face in blood. Andrade fought back, hitting a double stomp from the top rope onto the chest of Carrillo as he hung just above the ring apron and from there the match picked up significantly in pace and intensity for the stretch run. Andrade nearly ran into an interfering Zelina Vega just as had happened to allow Carrillo to win their first meeting, but he stopped short. In the ensuing confusion, Carrillo hit a reverse huricanrana from the second rope and a massive moonsault to get the 1-2-3. Following the match, Andrade refused to speak with Vega and waived her off before walking to the back. Grade: A-

SmackDown Tag Team Championship -- The New Day (c) def. The Revival (Ladder Match): This got off to a fast start.The ladders were introduced early by Dash Dawson and Scott Wilder, but it was Kofi Kingston who got the spotlight early, with an awesome dive out of the ring onto a ladder held by the Revival, taking out all three men. Big E took a nasty bump off the ladder, leading to a pair of ladder-assisted low blows from The Revival, who took full advantage of the lack of rules in the match. Kingston always shines in these moments, and tonight was no different as he continued to break out those "only Kofi could" moments through the match. Kingston also came up short at times, once getting caught with a Shatter Machine off the ladder that required Big E to make the save as Revival were climbing toward the title belts. As has become a requirement in WWE ladder matches, multiple ladders were slowly pieced together into a larger structure which eventually led to Big E taking a suplex on a ladder held between another and the middle rope. When the ladder didn't break, Wilder came off the top rope with a splash on Big E, breaking the ladder.

In the finish to the match, Kingston was hung horizontally on the ladder with his legs through the rungs. Just as Revival went to grab the titles, Big E came back and hit Wilder with a Big Ending from the ladder to the canvas, leaving Dawson by himself. Dawson made a play for the titles, but Kingston pulled himself up, hitting Dawson with the hanging titles before retrieving them for the successful title defense in a rock-solid tag team ladder match to kick off the PPV portion of the card. Grade: A-

Aleister Black def. Buddy Murphy via pinfall: Black went for Black Mass as the first move of the match, but Murphy evaded. Murphy cracked Black to the jaw with a big knee strike as the two started with a hot, high-speed open. Black responded to the knee with a series of hard kicks to the chest, maintaining the "this is a fight" tone that has been laced through their storyline leading to the match. With Murphy targeting his jaw, Black began to bleed, seemingly due to a broken nose. Black and Murphy continued bludgeoning each other with big strikes, leading to Black hitting a brutal looking jumping knee to the face. Murphy trapped Black's head against the top turnbuckle and landed a series of kicks to the face and a running sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. After a big strike exchange, Murphy hit a brainbuster for another near fall. Again, the two launched into an exchange of strikes. This time, however, Black closed the exchange with a Black Mass out of nowhere for the pin. A genuinely hard-hitting match that felt distinctly different from almost anything you see on WWE TV or PPV. Grade: A

Raw Tag Team Championship -- The Viking Raiders (c) vs. The O.C. ends in a double countout: The O.C. answered the open challenge from the champs, wanting to prove they were "the best tag team in the world," an honor they won in the Tag Team Turmoil match at Crown Jewel. The match was, as expected, big boy tag team wrestling with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson able to go shot-for-shot with the Raiders. Ivar took a big bump off the top rope, flipping as he was shoved off by Gallows, but he quickly rebounded with his handspring back elbow into a Viking Experience on Anderson. Gallows made the save and the two teams eventually ended up spilling to the outside where all four men were counted out. The Viking Raiders eventually put Anderson through a table that was set up at ringside for a family to eat KFC at during the match. The Viking Raiders finally have a rival on the main roster, though the finish did not satisfy the live crowd. Grade: B-

King Corbin def. Roman Reigns via pinfall (Tables, Ladders and Chairs): Corbin's security forces attacked Reigns before the start of the match, though he had no trouble disposing of them before hitting Corbin as he ran toward "The Big Dog" with a chair. Corbin hit Deep Six shortly after the match officially began but was not able to score the pin. Corbin put a beating on Reigns early, using a chair to lay in damage. Reigns came back strong with some of his signature offense but Corbin cut off the rally with a chokebreaker. Corbin mocked the "oh-ah" of Reigns and paid a price for it, ending up on the receiving end of a Superman punch for a near-fall. It was at that point Reigns introduced the first table of the match, setting it up before Corbin hit him in the face with a can of dog food and then chokeslammed Reigns through the table for his own near-fall. Corbin cleared off multiple announce tables but a powerbomb attempt was countered into a samoan drop from one table through the other.

Dolph Ziggler was disguised at ringside and interfered with a superkick to put Reigns down again. Ziggler and Corbin tried to break out the handcuffs they'd used on the two most recent editions of SmackDown but were taken out by Reigns before he grabbed a kendo stick which was used on a litany of Corbin's security team members. The odds turned on Reigns again when The Revival ran in and laid him out. Reigns took out The Revival and Corbin before hitting a dive over the top rope on to everyone at ringside. As Reigns was setting up for a finish, Ziggler threw a chair into his head and hit a Zig Zag. The numbers were simply too great at that point and The Revival then hit a Shatter Machine on Reigns before Corbin hit End of Days on a steel chair for the three count. Grade: B

Bray Wyatt (c) def. The Miz via pinfall in a non-title match: Wyatt entered to the Firefly FunHouse theme song smiling from ear to ear and declaring himself "really excited for this" before repeatedly holding up the belt to the cheers of the fans. Wyatt, in full "happy" persona, was loving the interaction before Miz stormed him with strikes, leading Wyatt to ask him to take it easy. Wyatt absorbed a beating without offering up much resistance before an attempt at Sister Abigail backfired into a Skull-Crushing Finale. Rather than go for the pin, Miz slammed Wyatt's face into the canvas over and over before locking in a submission, bending back Wyatt's fingers and arm while the champ laughed and implored him to "do it." Wyatt rolled out of the ring and slammed his shoulder into the ringside barricade repeatedly, apparently attempting to fix a "dislocated" shoulder. Miz's aggression eventually backfired as he charged Wyatt and was thrown over the barricade before Wyatt hit him with a hanging variation of Sister Abigail on the floor. Miz beat the count to avoid a count out, but was hit with another Sister Abigail for the finish.

The Fiend appeared on the TitanTron after the conclusion of the match and Wyatt, spurred on by the appearance of his alter-ego, pulled a giant novelty mallet from under the ring. Before he used the weapon, the familiar Fiend sounds hit before Daniel Bryan, sporting a new short haircut, appeared in the ring and hit a running knee to lay out Wyatt. Bryan hit his trademark kicks and another running knee to the chants of "Yes!" from the crowd. He then took the mallet, but before he could use it, the lights went out in the arena and Wyatt had disappeared when they came back on. The uniqueness of the Wyatt character was on full display from start to finish, and even if it was not a traditional match, it was very effective in advancing multiple characters and the overall storyline. Grade: B+

Bobby Lashley def. Rusev in a Tables Match: The match started as an all-out brawl. Rusev got the early upper hand and tried to bring a table into the ring, but Lana pulled it back out before he could use it. Both men escaped from further early attempts to use a table at ringside before Lashley avoided a slam through it by flipping it over. He then rammed Rusev into the ring steps before breaking a table around the ring post as Rusev moved out of the way. As is the standard in table matches, most of the offense revolved around both men nearly going through tables and finding ways to narrowly avoid defeat. Rusev used the ring steps to lay out Lashley before taking a barricade and ramming it into his opponent's body. Lashley turned the barricade around on Rusev, slamming him through it as it was propped against the ring apron. Lashley then grabbed a kendo stick and began working over the back and chest of Rusev.

Rusev crawled toward Lana, pleading with her, but she simply pointed and laughed as the attack continued, with the kendo stick leaving a gash on the back of the Bulgarian. Rusev caught the stick as it was swung at his head and got fired up. Unfortunately, Lana jumped on his back and raked at his eyes, allowing Lashley to spear him into a table (which did not break) before hitting a suplex through another for the win. Grade: C+

Women's Tag Team Championship -- The Kabuki Warriors (c) def. Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair to retain the titles (Tables, Ladders, Chairs): Little time was wasted making this a full-on brawl. Lynch threw Asuka through chairs stacked on top of a table at ringside and Kairi Sane ate a Flair big boot as she leapt from the ring apron to the outside. While Lynch and Flair were firing up, Asuka and Sane turned the tables by using chairs, including dropkicking one into Flair's face. The makeshift team roared back with weaponry of their own before heading into the ring in an attempt to climb the ladder. Sane threw chairs from the outside into the ring as a distraction and then tried to run away by crawling under the ring. When Flair and Lynch pulled her out, she used a fire extinguisher to take the advantage back. A rope used by Asuka earlier in the match was used to tie Lynch to a ladder at ringside and Flair was sent over the ringside barricade, seemingly leaving an opening for the champs to easily climb the ladder for the win. Flair ran back to the ring and used a kendo stick to knock Asuka and Sane from the ladder. After Lynch was freed from the rope, she and Flair took over with Lynch eventually hitting a senton on Asuka, putting her through a table. Flair would go on to use sheer power to muscle Sane into a powerbomb through another table at ringside.

As momentum continued to swing back and forth, Flair was the next woman put through a table, taking a powerbomb from the second rope down into one at ringside. The finish came when Lynch was climbing the ladder and Asuka used the rope, which was still attached to the ladder from when Lynch had been tied to it earlier, to tip it over and dump Lynch into the ropes. Asuka then climbed the ladder to retrieve the titles for the victory in what was a brutal TLC main event, even if high spot fatigue had begun to set in by this point in the evening. Grade: B+

Roman Reigns, Baron Corbin continue brawling: Earlier in the show but after their match, Reigns and Corbin were shown brawling in the backstage area along with a half-dozen other superstars. Once the Kabuki Warriors won the main event, the locker room spilled out onto the stage with Reigns spearing Corbin into a crowd of superstars below as the show went off the air.

2019 WWE TLC recap, highlights