With WWE Money in the Bank taking place Sunday, fans can look forward to one of the most anticipated matches in history. This year's annual Money in the Bank ladder matches will be different than ever before, with the competitors battling from the ground floor of WWE headquarters to the roof of Titan Towers where they will attempt to retrieve the briefcases containing a guaranteed world title shot. The "climb the corporate ladder" stipulation isn't the only difference this year, however. In addition, the men's and women's matches will take place at the same time, with all 12 competitors battling through the building simultaneously.

Money in the Bank ladder matches can oftentimes be difficult to predict, but we have broken the competitors for this year's unique edition down into three categories: The Favorites, The Darkhorses and The Longshots. So let's take a look now at who landed in each category.

The Favorites

Aleister Black: It's very clear that WWE sees big things in Black's future. He has been one of the most dominant performers on the roster with a 107-15 record across all his WWE matches in 2019 and 2020. Those are numbers that show a lot of faith in Black as a potential future world champion. If Money in the Bank represents an opportunity to break through to that championship level, Black would be one of the best bets to take home the briefcase on the men's side.

AJ Styles: Styles may have been buried by The Undertaker in the Boneyard Match at WrestleMania, but he is also an always-available option as a main-event player. Heel Money in the Bank winners are always strong choices, and Styles could pull off the role very well. It's not hard to envision Styles stalking Drew McIntyre with the briefcase, looking for the right opportunity to strike.

Shayna Baszler: Since coming into NXT, Baszler has been a dominant force. The way she ran through the competition in the Elimination Chamber was impressive. That said, there could be some concern over having her win a shot at Becky Lynch in the Chamber and then winning another guaranteed title shot a few months later with Money in the Bank. The prospect of Baszler methodically stalking a champion as the Money in the Bank briefcase holder is a terrifying one.

Nia Jax: Jax only works as a massive threat, and there's no more threatening position than being a monster heel with a guaranteed title shot in hand. Jax has only wrestled three times since coming back from her knee injuries and 21 times dating back to 2019. But Jax wouldn't have to amp up her in-ring activity much as the contract holder. In fact, it might be best for her to not be active as she waits to strike.

The Darkhorses

Daniel Bryan: Bryan would be listed among the favorites most years, but he seems to be doing exactly what he wants to do right now as a mid-card staple working good matches in fun programs. Bryan has already been the Money in the Bank winner in the past, and he's felt the sting of being cashed in on as well. It would be interesting to play into Bryan's history with the briefcase, but winning the match doesn't feel like a necessary move.

King Corbin: Corbin is one of the very rare Money in the Bank winners who failed to successfully cash in the contract. But WWE has shown a lot of faith in Corbin with the first win and also his King of the Ring victory. It's not difficult to imagine Corbin with the briefcase again, looking to make good this time around.

Asuka: Asuka is one of those roster members who can immediately be shifted into title contention and feel like a threat. That remains true even as a lot of the mystique of her character has faded after the undefeated streak melted away into her being someone who has lost 50% of her TV and PPV matches in 2020. Her promo rants in Japanese have become a weekly highlight of TV, and WWE clearly knows this and could be looking to do something bigger with her once again.

Lacey Evans: There's a possible payoff to the long-running issues between Bayley and Evans by having Evans win the briefcase and gun for the SmackDown champ once again. WWE seems to really see something in Evans, which makes her a strong darkhorse contender. Of course, the bigger plan for Bayley seems to be to finally begin feuding with Sasha Banks. While Evans could wait in the background for the dust to settle, that could be fine. But forcing her into the program would be a misstep.

The Longshots

Rey Mysterio: Mysterio may be more of a sentimental favorite heading into the match than Daniel Bryan. That doesn't make him a likely winner, though. It's hard to picture Mysterio slotting into any world title plans at this stage, especially as they put him in a brief title program with Brock Lesnar leading to last year's Survivor Series. It's hard to see Mysterio as a good choice to hold the briefcase, especially with a potentially long reign for Drew McIntyre ahead.

Otis: Otis has proven himself a capable singles performer as the Mandy Rose story has allowed him to show layers to the character. It has been great to see, but it doesn't fit Otis' current place on the roster, in his development or for his character to be the briefcase holder.

Dana Brooke: Brooke is a solid hand and has been an increasingly consistent presence on weekly TV. That said, she isn't a world title player, and that doesn't appear to be something that is going to change any time soon. If she shines in this match, she could start to build some momentum, and that should be the focus for her place in the match.

Carmella: Carmella was the winner of the first-ever women's Money in the Bank match -- and the subsequent rematch on SmackDown. But in terms of who is a currently established top-of-the-card player, she ranks just slightly ahead of Brooke but behind the four other women in the match.