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AEW will make its return to a pay-per-view platform on Saturday night with the AEW Full Gear show live from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore (8 p.m. ET). AEW Full Gear is a notable show for the All Elite Wrestling crew because it marks the first time that weekly television has been helping with the build to a massive card. Two marquee matches are set to headline as Chris Jericho puts the AEW world championship up against Cody while Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley will finally clash in an unsanctioned, lights out bout. 

While those two bouts are the anchors for the card, there are some additional big matches including The Young Bucks taking on Inner Circle's Santana & Ortiz, Riho defending the AEW women's title against Emi Sakura and PAC doing battle with Adam "Hangman" Page.

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Below is a look at the complete match card set for AEW's Full Gear event on Saturday evening, followed by predictions for the two major marquee bouts on the show from our CBS Sports experts. 

AEW Full Gear match card

  • AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Cody
  • Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega (Unsanctioned, lights out match)
  • The Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz
  • AEW Tag Tag Team Championship: SCU (c) vs. The Lucha Bros. vs. Private Party
  • AEW Women's Championship: Riho (c) vs. Emi Sakura
  • Adam "Hangman" Page vs. PAC
  • Joey Janela vs. Shawn Spears
  • Dr. Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestly (The Buy-In pre-show)

AEW Full Gear predictions

Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega (Unsanctioned, lights out match)

Brian Campbell: Something interesting has happened since AEW's launch. Omega, considered by many to be the best pro wrestler on the planet, has spent most of the promotion's existence putting other wrestlers over presumably to aid in building more stars around him. If it's a calculated move because Omega is both an AEW executive and a performer, it's a smart one. Yet if you look at this matchup and the potential role Moxley (formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE) will play with this company, it's hard not to imagine seeing Omega do the job once more not serving the correct move. Moxley's storyline anger at AEW owner Tony Khan for this bout being unsanctioned seems like the right kind of fuel to spur him to a victory. Pick: Jon Moxley wins

Adam Silverstein: After a few months of falling short, it is time for Omega -- the best in-ring performer in the world -- to begin his elevation. Moxley in an unsanctioned match is the perfect time to make that happen, not only because it is easy to excuse a loss by Moxley given extreme circumstances, but because a win will not help Omega's actual win-loss record and he will have to continue his chase. AEW says it is listening to the fans -- and to be fair, it seems to be to this point. Well, what the fans want is for Omega to look like Omega again. He's started to find his mojo teaming with The Young Bucks, and unless there is a feud with "Hangman" Adam Page coming up, there's nowhere else for him to go than the title picture after this match. Pick: Kenny Omega wins

Brent Brookhouse: Omega's role in AEW has not been as "top guy" by any means, and losing to Moxley here continues the trend of coming up short in "the big one" while keeping Moxley hanging around the title picture. In a wrestling world where wins and losses matter, even, one assumes, in an unsanctioned bout like this, the planning in matches like this and what comes down the road becomes incredibly important. Moxley vs. Jericho in a potential title feud would almost certainly be better than their godawful WWE feud culminating in the Asylum Match. So, for the future, I'm rolling with Mox. Pick: Jon Moxley wins

Jack Crosby: The trajectory of Omega in AEW since its inception has been a bit of a surprise, to say the least, with the former IWGP heavyweight champion enjoying both lows and highs. This match, in particular, will serve as another one of the lows while simultaneously failing to hurt Omega's chances at a future world title shot given the fact that the result won't go against either man's record. Simply put, Moxley is the face that carries the most mainstream buzz -- next to AEW's world champion, of course -- from his decorated stint with WWE, and as such, he should continue to be pushed up the card as the main player. Omega is entering Moxley's world, and while he'll take the former Dean Ambrose to the limit, he'll ultimately come up short in an ultra-violent affair that will produce some insane highlights. Pick: Jon Moxley wins

AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Cody

BC: They say the money is in the chase when it comes to a babyface becoming world champion. Cody has positioned himself well as the promotion's best babyface champion option moving forward (especially with Kenny Omega taking a bit of a backseat to the title picture). Sure, Cody can likely do whatever he wants as an executive within the company, but don't overlook how much he has forced the crowd to invest in his success. The problem -- if you want to call it that -- in this case is that Jericho has overachieved tremendously as a top heel champion, meaning it's too early to take the strap off of him just yet. The all-time great has reinvented himself yet again with his "Le Champion" bit, and it's one that doesn't quite work if he's not wearing the belt. Jericho is proving just how important he is to AEW's initial success, so look for Cody's crowning moment to come further down the line. Pick: Chris Jericho retains the title

AS: There is no more important man in AEW than Jericho. He may not be the best in-ring performer at his age, but he's a recognizable crossover face and was absolutely the right choice to be the first AEW world champion. So why should I expect a company that is touting the importance of wins and losses along with strong, long-term booking to make a title change this quickly? I can't, and I won't. Jericho retaining is the only finish that makes sense. The question is how the match is booked. I would have him go over Cody clean, humbling the babyface a bit and forcing him to wonder whether he can handle being both an executive and wrestler. It would also let someone else to step up as the next No. 1 contender. Let Cody chase longer, and it will pay off in an even greater way for AEW. And no matter what, don't let these "judges" play into the final result. Pick: Chris Jericho retains the title

BB: I feel like Cody's story hasn't been fully told, and winning the title here would be the wrong move in any number of ways. Also, with Jericho doing so much of the heavy lifting for the company, you keep the belt right around his beautiful heel waist. If anything, they should keep this very solid program going for another month or two, and Cody chasing is the right spot. Pick: Chris Jericho retains the title

JC: Jericho has been an absolute treasure to this point in AEW's existence, so there's no reason to cut his run as the first-ever world champ short just yet -- even against the face of the company in Cody. Not to mention, the Inner Circle faction has been a pleasant surprise as a faction on the heel side of things, so dethroning Jericho already would take away a bit of the group's momentum. Cody will one day be world champion of his brainchild, but that moment won't come on Saturday in Baltimore. By hook or by crook, "Le Champion" -- or someone from the Inner Circle -- will make sure this one doesn't go to the judges after 60 minutes. Or, could we even finally get the heavily-teased heel turn from MJF on his mentor? Pick: Chris Jericho retains the title

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