The land of the Hart Family really likes professional wrestling.

It's not unusual for state legislative branches to honor championships won by local sports teams here in America, but Canadians are taking the practice to a whole new level with some promos for WWE champions in their parliament.

While Jinder Mahal on Sunday became the 50th WWE champion and the first man of Indian decent to win the title, he's actually a Canadian citizen as he was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and even attended the University of Calgary. As such, he became the first Calgarian to win the WWE title in 20 years dating back to Bret "The Hitman" Hart in 1997.

This did not get past our friends to the North as evidenced by this from the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. 

While that was a nice gesture, it pales in comparison to the passionate promo run by Matthew Dube of the House of Commons after Kevin Owens won the universal championship last fall. He even received a standing ovation from his peers.

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