One of the most popular independent professional wrestling stars is finally making his way to the Promised Land of WWE. As many had been anticipating, WWE formally announced the signing of top high-flyer Ricochet, real name Trevor Mann, to the WWE Performance Center on Tuesday. 

Ricochet, 29, has been regarded for the last few years as one of the best high-flyers in the pro wrestling business. He's made a huge name and reputation for himself wrestling for various promotions around the world, most notably Pro Wrestling Guerrilla out in California and New Japan Pro-Wrestling, wowing audiences with his unique aerial skills. He was also an integral part of the first three seasons of the Lucha Underground television show, performing under a mask with the Prince Puma moniker.

It was his contract with Lucha Underground that reportedly delayed the process of Ricochet making his way to United States television, but with the recent conclusion of the third season of the show, he was deemed free to sign with WWE. 

The newest WWE signee took to Twitter on Tuesday to express excitement over the new journey he's beginning in his career.  

WWE on Tuesday also announced the signing of War Machine. The tag team -- Todd "War Beard Hanson" Smith and Raymond Rowe -- have been together since 2014 and won tag team titles across the world, including the IWGP tag team championship in NJPW. The massive men (550 pounds combined) are a powerful force and should fit in nicely with a tag team division increasing in size inside WWE.

To many, the Ricochet signing has been a long time coming, but the day has finally arrived. And WWE really is getting one of the more unique talents out there on the professional wrestling market. With the way pro wrestling has evolved over the years as it pertains to high-flying talent, it's difficult to be seen as an innovative presence in the ring, but Ricochet has been tabbed as just that on more than one occasion. Now he'll get the opportunity to showcase what he brings to the table for the worldwide audience. 

There's no word yet on when exactly Ricochet and War Machine will be starting on TV, but it's a near-certainty that they will be with the NXT brand. With what they have displayed in their career thus far, you have to assume it won't be long before Triple H has them all performing on the WWE Network on a regular basis.