In this episode: In a special edition of ITC, Brian Campbell sits down with Bill Goldberg to discuss his latest venture and what may likely be the swan song of his in-ring career (3:20). The former WCW and WWE champion explains the role Brock Lesnar played in bringing him back to the company and what move WWE should make with Hulk Hogan. After a quick catch-up with The Miz where he cuts a promo on Daniel Bryan (25:45), BC is joined by Adam Silverstein for conversations with Renee Young (29:12) and Corey Graves (42:00) that you do not want to miss. The guys then wrap things up by speaking to NXT's new champions as Aleister Black (1:03:00) and Adam Cole (1:15:25) stop by to discuss their decisions to join WWE and the origins of their characters and entrance music.

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