LOOK: WWE Hell in a Cell turns red, structure set to make debut at Sunday's event

Professional wrestling fans -- especially those immersed in the WWE universe -- don't tend to react to change all that positively. So, we should be in for a treat come Sunday night when the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view goes down in San Antonio, Texas, and those tuning in get their first official look at the new and improved structure set to make its debut. 

On Saturday, WWE treated fans to a live, exclusive look at the Hell in a Cell structure being constructed inside the arena in preparation for the show. It didn't take long for everyone watching to realize something that wasn't all that difficult to overlook: The infamous Hell in a Cell cage setup is now being presented in the color red. 

The reactions upon this revelation were rampant on the internet because, again, wrestling fans have a tendency to overreact to change they're not used to. But when you see the red Hell in a Cell come together, you should begin to realize that it really shouldn't provide that much of a distraction come Sunday night.

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You must also realize that once young children see the setup, WWE is likely headed in the direction of making a financial killing when it comes to Christmas sales of the inevitable red Hell in a Cell toys to hit the market. Fans easily forget that WWE is a business, and from that aspect, brightening up the Hell in a Cell structure may very well turn out to be a solid business move for the company. 

Really, if we should complain about anything in this case, it's the fact that the red makeover is sort of a slap in the face to the blue brand -- SmackDown Live. So it only makes sense now that we, as fans, lobby for the return of the blue bar cage to be used during traditional steel cage matches. Fair is fair. 

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