Emanating live from the Wells Fargo Center, NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia truly delivered with a loaded card that featured three title matches, the potential conclusion of a big rivalry and a featured spot for one of the youngest and hottest superstars in WWE's developmental brand.

CBS Sports was with you the entire way updating this post live results, grades and highlights from the big show. Check them all out below, including our coverage of arguably the best match in NXT history.

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NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia live results

NXT Tag Team Championship -- Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly (c) def. Authors of Pain via pinfall to retain the titles: Midway through the match, Rezar hit a tremendous combination fallaway slam and Samoan Drop on the Undisputed Era but was unable to get a fall. AoP then looked poised to end the Undisputed Era with The Last Chapter only for O'Reilly to grab hold of the top turnbuckle, reversing Akam into a hurricanrana and rolling him up for the 1-2-3 to surprisingly retain the titles. The match as a whole was solid, but it was short and ultimately an easy out for Undisputed Era, which should not have been able to take down a team as dominant as AoP that easily. Grade: C+

Velveteen Dream def. Kassius Ohno via pinfall: After Dream promised to beat Ohno in 30 seconds or less, NXT fans started counting from the onset of the match. Dream, wearing boxing trunks instead of his Rick Rude-like attire from the last NXT TakeOver, blasted Ohno hard, but the veteran quickly rebounded with a forearm of his own. Later in the match, Ohno failed to properly take or sell a DDT by Dream and similarly screwed up a countered Death Valley Driver. Ohno hit a ripcord rolling elbow, but Dream dodged a second one, hit a rolling DVD and drilled Ohno with the Purple Rainmaker from the top of the ring post for a 1-2-3. Despite the screw-ups in the middle of the match by both men, Dream closed strong and put forth a believable finish that certainly got him over as needed. Grade: B-

NXT Women's Championship -- Ember Moon (c) def. Shayna Baszler via pifnall to retain the title: It did not take long for Baszler to go to work on Moon's arm, even stomping it in hopes of breaking it, a move that came into play later when Moon hit the Eclipse but was unable to get a pinfall after landing on the arm and favoring it as trainers looked at it more closely. Baszler soon locked Moon into an arm bar submission maneuver in the middle of the ring, and though Moon attempted to reverse it, Baszler locked it in a second, third and fourth time. Suddenly, Moon rolled Baszler over, pinning both the challenger's legs over Baszler's head to pick up the three count and a surprising title retention. After the match, Moon tried to make her way to the back favoring her arm only to be run down by Baszler, who snapped and quickly knocked out the champion with the Kirifuda Clutch -- twice -- before leaving to boos. It was a bit disappointing to see a lack of wrestling from Baszler, though the story was told well with Moon outsmarting the MMA veteran. The rematch should be fun. Grade: B

Aleister Black def. Adam Cole via pinfall in an Extreme Rules Match: Black outsmarted Cole at seemingly every turn early until Cole took the upperhand by smashing Black in the ribs with a kendo stick during a springboard moonsault. Chairs, ladders and trash cans quickly got involved with Cole's hand getting bloodied early, leading him to be attended to by trainers. Black then ate a superkick into a chair, knocking him off the top rope and into a pair of tables at ringside. But just as it looked like Black was ready to put Cole away, Fish and O'Reilly interfered to take Black out and give their Undisputed Era teammate the advantage. SAnitY ran to the ring to even the odds with Killian Dane even hitting a tremendous tope suicida through the ropes at one point. Black eventually found the momentum again by stomping Cole outside the ring through a table before nailing him under his arm with Black Mass to pick up the victory. The match was terrific with plenty of great action and "extreme" spots, but the run-ins took away from a bout that was already running hot and didn't need the temporary swerve. Grade: B+

Introductions: Over the course of the night, NXT introduced War Machine, Trevor "Ricochet" Mann and Ethan Carter III (EC3) to fans. All three were introduced by the names as listed here.

NXT Championship -- Andrade "Cien" Almas (c) def. Johnny Gargano via pinfall to retain the title: Almas made his way to the ring with a mariachi band while wearing a luchador mask, honoring his Mexican roots. The mat wrestling was tremendous early with Gargano missing a dive outside but reversing a stomp from Almas into a corner suplex. Almas landed a moonsault and continued it into a standing moonsault for a two, but Gargano quickly hit a superkick before the men evened things out and laid on the canvas together. Gargano reversed Almas' top rope hammerlock DDT by sliding out and superkicking the champion between his spread legs, but Gargano was unable to hit a sunset flip powerbomb with Almas countering it. Almas then countered the slingshot into an inverted tornado DDT for a two to end a tremendous sequence as the fans chanted "N-X-T."

Gargano drilled Almas with a springboard DDT onto the ring apron to knock the champion out cold at ringside before rolling him into the ring for another two. He added an exploder clothesline and threw Almas like a lawn dart only to get distracted by Zelina Vega momentarily. Almas took advantage by rolling up Gargano, but he quickly knocked Almas down and landed a superkick with the champion on his knees for another two. Almas stopped Gargano from climbing the turnbuckles and stopped him onto the ring apron from the middle rop before throwing him back-first into the ring apron and driving his head multiple times into the ringside screen. Gargano kicked out after a knee strike in the corner, and the two traded blows until Gargano hit Almas with a reverse hurricanrana. Almas was then locked into a Gargano Escape, but Vega grabbed his hand to help him break the hold by raking Gargano's eyes. Gargano flipped Almas over the top rope and nailed a tope suicida, but Vega hit the challenger with a hurricanrana off the ring apron with the referee's back turned. Almas then dropped Gargano in the hammerlock DDT for what appeared to be a victory until Gargano kicked out at 2.75. 

Candace LaRae, Gargano's wife recently signed to NXT, intercepted Vega outside the ring to beat down Almas' valet as she prepared to attack Gargano a second time. LaRae chased Vega to the back and away from ringside as Gargano and Almas climbed to their feet once more. Gargano hit his slingshot DDT onto Almas for a 2.75 and immediately locked the champion in the Gargano Escape for a second time, but Almas was able to break the hold again. With the competitors back up on the ring apron, Almas drove Gargano back into the ring post and followed by driving his knees into a prone Gargano, who appeared glassy eyed and potentially concussed (in storyline). Almas easily picked up Gargano into a draping hammerlock DDT to pick up the clean 1-2-3 and retain the title. As announcer Mauro Ranallo said after the match, you simply could not have asked for more out of this bout. While Gargano going over would have been sweet for the fans and a nice end to his story, the match quality and Almas' performance made his victory perfectly acceptable in the end. Grade: A+

Gargano received a rousing ovation from fans after the match as LaRae helped him walk to the back. Just as NXT was going off the air -- in shades of the last time Gargano was attacked -- Tommaso Ciampa emerged from backstage and drilled his former partner in the back with one of his crutches. Nothing else happened after that with Ciampa failing to go after the prone Gargano as NXT TakeOver finally went off the air. This attack was completely telegraphed and felt wholly unnecessary when it could have gone down at another time, such as on an NXT show in a week or two. It did not ruin the match and main event, but it was too much of a call back for it to have been surprising or exciting.