Vince McMahon on 2020 XFL return: Every city, including NFL sites, 'on our radar'

WWE chairman Vince McMahon confirmed on Thursday that his long-lost football league, the short-lived XFL, is scheduled for a 2020 return.

In doing so, he indirectly challenged the NFL.

Asked on a conference call whether his controversial alternative, branded a rougher, wrestling-infused rendition of the NFL's product upon its original debut in 1999, would target cities that already have an NFL presence, McMahon didn't hold back.

"Every city is on our radar," he said, adding that it only makes sense for the XFL to land in cities where "they play football." Even Pittsburgh, home of the Steelers, isn't off the table, he suggested.

As CBS Sports' Adam Silverstein reported earlier Thursday, there had already been plenty of talk regarding a potential XFL return leading up to McMahon's announcement.

Brad Shepard first reported in mid-December that McMahon, WWE's chairman, was planning to make such an announcement on Jan. 25. WWE clarified at that time of the initial reports that it was not going back into the football business but McMahon will rather be doing so on his own. McMahon has created Alpha Entertainment separate from WWE and recently sold 3.34 million shares of WWE stock (about $100 million worth) in order to help fund the company. Alpha Entertainment has also since acquired five XFL trademarks that WWE abandoned between 2002 and 2005.

During its lone 2001 season, the XFL carried eight inaugural franchises in Birmingham, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Memphis, New York/New Jersey, Orlando and San Francisco.

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