WATCH: WWE ring collapses during Raw, sending referee flying as fans flip out

The collapsing ring gimmick is one WWE has used successfully before -- it's happened to The Big Show against Mark Henry and Brock Lesnar -- but that did not make Monday night's edition any less impressive.

In the main event on Raw, Braun Strowman and The Big Show squared off in a heavyweight battle for the ages. With both superstars unable to pin the other despite hitting their respective finishing maneuver, they made multiple attempts to try and connect a move from the top rope.

Ultimately, it would be Strowman who succeeded in executing a move, flinging Show over his own body with a superplex that triggered a collapsing ring. The referee of the bout, John Cone, went flying over the edge, the steel steps fell onto the mat, and the posts landed in the ring as the two behemoths laid motionless for a short period of time.

Pay closer attention to the referee. He goes airborne and takes a massive bump. Fans noticed immediately.

Seriously, the collapse is pretty incredible. The referee tumbles out. The ring steps eventually get flipped into the ring. And the posts just imploded as opposed to exploding as they have in the past.


Strowman eventually stood up and celebrated as the last man standing. He is scheduled to face Roman Reigns at Payback on Sunday, April 30.

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