WWE news, rumors: Becky Lynch warns Sasha Banks after return attack, upcoming live events canceled


Sasha Banks' surprise return to Raw on Monday night hit all the right notes for WWE fans. Unfortunately for Raw women's champion Becky Lynch, Banks hit a wrong one with a chair during her vicious attack on "The Man."

Banks returned after four months out of action, interrupting an emotional Natalya promo where she invoked the one-year anniversary of the death of her father, former WWE superstar Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. After initially hugging Natalya, Banks quickly turned and attacked her. The attack brought out Lynch, who earlier credited Natalya for their hard-fought submission match at SummerSlam. Banks soon got the upper hand on Lynch, and began brutally attacking her with chair shots on the outside. One swing, though, went a little wide and caught Lynch in the head.

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Lynch took to her favorite platform, Twitter, after the show and promised "receipts" for the errant shot.

Lynch and Banks have crossed paths or worked on the same side in various ways through the years in tag team bouts and battle royals, but have not faced off in a one-on-one contest since a No. 1 contender match for the Diva's championship in January 2016. The two participated in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 32 along with Charlotte Flair to then crown a new WWE women's champion as the Diva's title was rendered obsolete. The title was later rebranded to the Raw women's championship with the introduction of the brand split a short time later that summer. 

Having "who is next for Becky Lynch?" answered with a returning top star in a completely fresh one-on-one pairing is as much as any WWE fan can ask.

More WWE news, rumors

  • WWE has cancelled five upcoming live events, according to PW Insider. Included in these cancelations are Aug. 23 in Bossier City, Louisiana, Aug. 24 in Lafayette, Louisiana, Aug. 25 in Mobile, Alabama, Aug. 30 in Bangor, Maine and Aug. 31 in Portland, Maine. The cancelation of the Louisiana dates explains Glenn Jacobs' communications director recently telling local news the Knox County mayor was not scheduled for any WWE dates as Kane despite having been listed as appearing on those events.
  • Despite having more than 50 wrestlers announced as signed to AEW already, Cody Rhodes sent a tweet stating the promotion has only "revealed about 40 percent of the roster." It's hard to imagine an AEW roster of more than 100 wrestlers, but they've been extremely ambitious in their efforts so far.
  • WWE is advertising a clash between Roman Reigns and Buddy Murphy for tonight's edition of SmackDown Live. This comes on the heels of Reigns attacking Murphy and forcing him into giving up Rowan as the man behind the forklift "accident" that almost crushed the "Big Dog" backstage. Rowan got his payback on Murphy at SummerSlam, attacking him during his pre-show match with Apollo Crews. Now Murphy looks for payback of his own. We'll also find out what's next in the saga of WWE champ Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton after the unsatisfying DQ end to their SummerSlam match and the ensuing kendo stick attack by the champ. Kevin Owens and Becky Lynch's respective futures will also come into focus, according to WWE's official preview.
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