WWE news, rumors: Edge denies recent talk of potential in-ring return to the company


Chatter began to make the rounds on Thursday that Adam Copeland -- better known as WWE Hall of Famer and former multi-time world champion Edge -- may be on his way to an in-ring return nearly eight years after retiring from competition. On Friday, Copeland took to Twitter to post a short statement refuting the claims. If that story sounds familiar, it's because it's an almost exact replay of what went down a few months back.

Thursday, PW Insider stated called back to their report from earlier this year in which Copeland had paid a visit to Dr. Joseph Maroon, WWE's head doctor, while now reporting that he had signed a new WWE deal with a "pretty nice upside." Those collective pieces of the puzzle led to speculation that we could see an in-ring return sooner rather than later. 

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Copeland, however, seemed to make it clear a return was not in the works.

"Still not and still not," Copeland wrote. "Period."

It's only natural to speculate this could easily be a move to throw fans off the trail of a comeback that is being planned. Or, it could simply be Copeland trying to shoot down rumors that have no basis in reality. Of note, Copeland did make a surprise appearance at SummerSlam in Toronto this past August to deliver a spear to Elias in a one-off moment.

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  • Returning to one of its key markets for the next pay-per-view event seems to have been a good call for All Elite Wrestling. AEW: Revolution takes place in Chicago and it took only one hour to sell out completely. The show takes place Feb. 29 from Wintrust Arena. No matches have been made official for the event that's now two months out.
  • According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter [subscription required], Colt Cabana has worked as an announcer for some AEW dark matches and may sign on with the promotion soon. Cabana had a largely unsuccessful run in WWE years ago but has remained a strong presence on the independent scene.
  • Friday night's edition of SmackDown features a pair of non-title matches. Bayley and Dana Brooke will face off again and New Day will go up against Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. WWE.com is also promising a continuation of the ongoing storyline featuring Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan.
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