In one of the marquee matches of WrestleMania 34 this past Sunday in New Orleans, Ronda Rousey made her long-awaited debut in a pro wrestling ring, teaming with Kurt Angle to defeat the authoritative duo of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Rousey opened up a lot of eyes in her in-ring debut on the biggest stage of them all, and soon WWE's newest full-time superstar will showcase herself for the WWE Universe overseas. This is where we begin our look at some of the biggest WWE headlines making the rounds for Friday, April 13. 

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Ronda Rousey working upcoming WWE European tour

As is generally the case following WrestleMania, WWE and the crew will be heading across the pond to entertain the fans over in Europe. And when they make the annual trip next month, Rousey will be with the rest of her new co-workers. 

WWE announced on Friday that the former UFC women's bantamweight champion will be working four consecutive dates on the tour from May 16-19. She will begin by working an event in Geneva, Switzerland, before moving onto Vienna, Austria; Turin, Italy; and finishing up in Paris, France. Shortly after the official announcement, Rousey was excited to let all her fans know that she'll be joining the tour as she continues on her WWE journey. 

Despite WWE making it crystal clear from the moment she signed back in January that Rousey is a full-time member of the roster, pessimistic fans have still had their doubts. However, Rousey packing her things up and joining the team on the tour of Europe is yet another sign that she's about as full time in the company as one can be. 

Rousey turned a lot of heads and silenced a lot of doubters with her performance in the Superdome last Sunday, and now it's time for her to experience more of what life as a WWE superstar has to offer when she takes her talents overseas. 

More WWE news, rumors

  • Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker in a Casket Match in 2018? Yes, that's going to happen. It was revealed on Thursday that Jericho will face off with Taker in the famous bout as part of the Greatest Royal Rumble card on April 27 in Saudi Arabia. Rusev was originally scheduled as the opponent for The Undertaker in the match but was immediately replaced by Jericho for whatever reason. Some actually believe it had something to do with this interview Rusev and real-life bride Lana gave to TMZ. Apparently, Undertaker's significant other, Michelle McCool, was (legitimately) not pleased with the comments. 
  • Staying with the Greatest Royal Rumble event, PW Insider is reporting that Rey Mysterio will be making an appearance on the show. It's not specifically stated whether Mysterio will be a part of the 50-man Rumble match, but with most of the title and singles matches filling up, it's safe to assume he'll be in the field. Mysterio, who has been nursing a bicep injury that he suffered during an independent show, made a surprise return to WWE in January as part of the traditional Royal Rumble match in Philadelphia. 
  • According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter [subscription required and recommended], future plans may call for Bray Wyatt to turn on Matt Hardy to head up the debuting SAnitY faction from NXT. A Wyatt Family 2.0 might not go over all that well with fans already frustrated with past bookings of Wyatt -- but that seems to be the call for now. 
  • Details surrounding Brock Lesnar's shocking new deal with WWE have been scarce since the announcement dropped on Monday, but Dave Meltzer of the Observer does have some new information. According to Meltzer, the agreement for the new deal was reached on the go-home Raw in Atlanta before WrestleMania 34. While it's not a deal for just one match -- presumably to drop the universal title to Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia -- Meltzer says that it wouldn't shock him if that turned out to be the case on this short-term contract.