WWE universal champion Seth Rollins and IWGP junior heavyweight champion Will Ospreay are undoubtedly two of the most exciting professional wrestlers to watch inside the squared circle at the present time. Providing their exceptional services to two separate companies halfway across the globe from one another, each man will, naturally, take a lot of pride in their respective sides. It's not often that this is reflected on a public forum, however, but these two men changed that within the past 24 hours. 

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Prior to the WWE Stomping Grounds event on Sunday evening, Rollins proudly tweeted that the show which carried minimal interest leading in would prove to us that WWE has the best pro wrestling on the planet to fans (which, of course, drew much internet outrage). After what was an exceptional triple threat cruiserweight title match during the Stomping Grounds kickoff show, Rollins felt it was a good time to reiterate his claim as well as issue a challenge to find anyone alive who can master the art of professional wrestling as well as he has. 

Of course, that brought about this confident response from the current IWGP junior heavyweight champion and reigning Best of the Super Juniors tournament victor. 

A simple enough response; Ospreay merely provided Rollins with what he believed was the answer the WWE universal champ was seeking. 

From that point, Rollins took the exchange to a whole other level by comparing Ospreay to his longtime friend and in-ring rival Ricochet, who captured his first main roster singles title on Sunday after defeating Samoa Joe for the United States championship. And by "comparing," I mean Rollins maybe took the whole "burn it down" mantra an excessive level by taking a proverbial blowtorch to the keyboard. 

Well ... OK, then. 

In the end, though, Ospreay reminded us that professional wrestling is in quite possibly the most stable place it's ever been, with some of the best in-ring talent from all over the globe all currently working for the top companies -- including girlfriend Bea Priestley (AEW) and Toni Storm (NXT UK women's champion). 

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  • PW Insider is reporting that former United States champion Rey Mysterio is nearing his return to television. According to the report, Mysterio is currently slated to return right around the July 8 edition of Raw in Newark, New Jersey, pending doctor's clearance. Mysterio has been out of action since suffering a separated shoulder in his title loss to Samoa Joe at Money in the Bank last month. 
  • On Monday night's post-Stomping Grounds Raw, Roman Reigns is scheduled for a 2-on-1 handicap match against Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre on the heels of a victory over the latter on Sunday night. Ricochet will battle AJ Styles in a non-title match as a feud between the two seems to be in the works, and we'll get some follow up on where we stand with the foursome of Rollins-Becky Lynch and Baron Corbin-Lacey Evans after the Stomping Grounds main event.