WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans is just a few short weeks away, meaning the news and rumors in pro wrestling are coming out at a rapid pace during the busiest time of the year in the business. Let's get right to it and have a look at some of the headlines for Friday, March 16, beginning with the top dog in WWE apparently spilling the beans in regards to how we can all watch an upcoming major event. 

Reigns reveals "Greatest Royal Rumble" viewing info?

Recently, WWE made quite the announcement as it pertains to an enormous overseas event. On April 27, inside the King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, WWE will present what it calls the "Greatest Royal Rumble." All we know at this point is that this unique version of the Royal Rumble will feature 50 superstars as opposed to the standard 30. At the time of the announcement, it was not revealed whether the winner of the historic bout would receive the traditional world championship opportunity that a Rumble winner usually receives, nor was it announced if we could watch it live on the WWE Network. Well, the latter question may have been answered by none other than Roman Reigns himself. 

Appearing on Jim Norton and Sam Roberts' Sirius XM Radio show on Friday, Reigns seemingly admitted that this event will in fact be available on the WWE Network when it does take place in late April. 

"Hopefully I'm not giving spoilers here," Reigns said. "But I believe it's going to be a huge Network special."  

Now, it should be noted here that Reigns stated he "believes" it will be a special on the Network. Nothing has yet been confirmed for the "Greatest Royal Rumble" when it comes to viewing information, but it is still notable that WWE's top star would publicly reveal this on a popular radio show. With the April 27 date fast approaching, though, we should know for certain sooner rather than later. 

More WWE news, rumors

  • Late Thursday evening, WWE confirmed the news that WrestleMania 35 in 2019 would be heading back to MetLife Stadium in the New York-New Jersey area. On Friday, the company held a formal press conference to officially announce the news, and of course, everyone got their first glimpse of a popular part of a WrestleMania location reveal: the logo. You can view the first WrestleMania 35 logo that was revealed on Friday below. 
  • In a follow-up to some other huge news that dropped on Thursday, at the WrestleMania 35 press conference, Stephanie McMahon was asked to elaborate on the name change to the first women's battle royal coming up in New Orleans amid the controversy over the match's original namesake, The Fabulous Moolah. Speaking with PW Insider briefly, McMahon stated: "I love that the WWE audience expressed their opinions, whether they are positive or negative. I think that it is our responsibility to listen to our audience and do our best to give them what they want. Clearly, they did not want to name the Women's Battle Royal after The Fabulous Moolah. We were really proud that they spoke up and we were really happy to make that change."
  • This Monday night on Raw, the "Ultimate Deletion" match will make its much-anticipated debut when "Woken" Matt Hardy takes on Bray Wyatt. The unique match has a lot of fans buzzing, and with the bout debuting in just a few days, WWE released this newest video in which Hardy takes everyone on a quick tour of the Hardy Compound.