A new season begins for WWE next week as the season premiere of Raw has been announced for USA Network on Monday, Sept. 30, and SmackDown will make its Fox debut on Friday, Oct. 4. And as WWE usually does when it makes a network change or resets one brand, many of the elements for its signature shows are getting an overhaul.

First up are the logos for the respective shows. The SmackDown logo has been out for a while as WWE has been promoted heavily on Fox over the last few weeks leading up to its debut. However, Monday night on a graphic that was promoting next week's show, the company revealed what its new logo will look like. Unlike the SmackDown logo, the new one for Raw is a minor adjustment to the current mark. Take a look.

The new logos are on the bottom. WWE has not released an official version of the new Raw logo yet. That was grabbed from a screen capture and will likely be the same color red as the current logo.


Both of the 2019-20 logos are clear improvements on the 2018-19 versions with the SmackDown mark arguably the best WWE has created since the original -- or at least in the last decade considering all the iterations of the show.

Along with debuting new logos, WWE has given us a look at what the graphics will look like for each show. Check out the following appearance announcements for next week's programs.


Behind each of the graphic announcements, WWE played new music that is believed to be for the respective shows. The SmackDown song will be familiar to most as it is "Are You Ready" by AC/DC. The Raw theme appears to be "Legendary" by Skillet. You can listen to both below.

While the logos and graphics packages are clearly set, it is possible these songs are simply being used for promotional materials. WWE will hold a formal draft beginning Friday, Oct. 12 to create brand-exclusive rosters for both shows. It is also expected that there will be separate commentary teams and different sets for each program, the latter of which is standard operating procedure for WWE when instituting changes to its brands.