A fan decided to make a political statement in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. It likely didn't go as he planned.

Running on to the court in the fourth quarter, a shirtless man with the words "Trump Sucks" written on his body was quickly tackled by arena security before he could reach any players. He was also carrying something in his hand (perhaps his phone) which went flying down the court after being taken down.

Here's another angle, which shows the sheer number of security guards that surrounded the anti-Trump protester:

Kudos to the Quicken Loans Arena security staff who quickly took the man down before he could get to any of the players. However, how he even got on the court is still puzzling. The NBA takes player security very seriously and this is the second time in three years that a fan has run on to the court in Cleveland. Coupled with a young boy running onto the court in New Orleans and another child getting on the court in Miami, the NBA may ask teams to beef up courtside security next season as it seems like fans somehow keep getting past guards throughout the league.

Good job, good effort. (USATSI)