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2014 MLB Standings

American League
American League East
N.Y. Yankees129.571-8592-76-36-69-70-01-27-3L 1
Toronto1110.5241958784-47-66-63-32-15-5L 1
Baltimore1010.5009194-34-46-69-81-20-06-4W 1
Boston1012.4558492-85-75-56-72-12-15-5W 1
Tampa Bay1012.455939217-73-54-62-42-13-7L 2
American League Central
Detroit118.579-828029-52-32-15-32-15-5W 1
Minnesota1110.524111610975-46-64-27-50-36-4W 2
Cleveland1111.5009399-67-64-51-26-72-15-5W 2
Chi. White Sox1112.4782125126-16-45-81-28-61-24-6L 1
Kansas City1011.47627581-66-34-82-15-103-06-4L 2
American League West
Texas148.636-9495-19-45-42-42-18-28-2W 3
Oakland138.619½9467276-67-20-04-29-66-4L 3
L.A. Angels1011.47611293193-67-50-01-25-75-5L 1
Seattle813.3817683-73-55-80-00-08-102-8W 1
Houston715.318767102-353-74-83-30-34-92-8L 1
National League
National League East
Atlanta147.667-7953266-38-412-62-10-07-3W 1
N.Y. Mets1210.5458690-46-76-33-65-23-07-3W 2
Washington1210.5459596-17-65-49-62-20-05-5W 1
Philadelphia1011.476487103-164-56-64-22-43-35-5L 1
Miami1012.4559888109-41-82-100-05-25-5L 1
National League Central
Milwaukee166.727-9170217-59-14-27-32-16-4W 1
St. Louis1211.522807284-28-93-59-60-04-6L 2
Cincinnati1111.50059072184-57-61-29-70-07-3W 3
Pittsburgh914.3919095-56-83-60-09-140-02-8L 3
Chi. Cubs714.3337991-125-82-61-24-82-23-7L 2
National League West
L.A. Dodgers139.591-8878105-68-31-20-011-65-5W 1
San Francisco1210.5451938945-47-60-00-012-105-5W 1
Colorado1211.522126108188-44-73-40-07-66-4L 1
San Diego1012.45536070-107-63-61-21-25-55-5L 1
Arizona718.28093150-571-116-70-32-25-133-7W 2
() - A team's Elimination Number is determined by adding the leading team's number of wins to the trailing team's number of losses. Subtract that total from 163. The first-place team's Magic Number is the same as the second-place team's Elimination Number.
(E) - A team has been eliminated from the division race. Note that a team eliminated from the division race may still be a contender in the Wild-card race.
x - Clinched division title
y - Clinched wild-card
z - Clinched playoff berth

-Starting with the 2012 playoff, clubs from the same division are now allowed to play one another in either the Wild Card Game or the Division Series.

-Tiebreaker games will be played to determine Division Championships, even if the two tied Clubs are assured of participating in the Postseason. If a Division Championship tiebreaker game is necessary, the head-to-head record between the tied Clubs will determine home-field advantage. If the head-to-head record is tied, then division record will be the next tiebreaker.

-In the event of a tie for the division championship or a Wild Card spot, a one-game playoff will break the tie. If three or four clubs are tied for first place in a division at the end of the regular season, and the two non-division winners would NOT be Wild Card clubs, a playoff will be played among the teams in question.

-If two Clubs are tied for both Wild Card berths, home-field advantage will be determined by the head-to-head record between the tied Clubs. If the head-to-head record is tied, then division record will be the next tiebreaker.

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