Cleveland State assistant complains refs 'cheated' team, deletes tweets

Today, Cleveland State assistant coach Jermaine Kimbrough is learning something that many athletes who've made the same mistake already know: You can't delete things from the Internet.

Following his Vikings putting up a big-time effort and giving Kentucky a real scare Monday night (before losing 68-61) in Lexington, Kimbrough thumbed out a few tweets he'd soon come to regret. Perhaps it was his conscience, or someone else with the school nudging him, telling him he probably shouldn't say those things on social media.

Or maybe Kentucky fans got wind of it and absolutely bombarded his feed.

Either way, Kimbrough soon after not only erased the tweets, but wiped out his Twitter account altogether. no longer exists. Hat tip to College Basketball Talk for the screengrab of Kimbrough's tweets.

Kimbrough's problem with the calls were preempted on Twitter as the game played out in real time. A few close whistles allowed Kentucky to get to the foul line, while Cleveland State was not the beneficiary of some physical contact near the rim when it was on offense. The final seven minutes of the game saw an 11-2 advantage for Kentucky in free throws.

Coaches almost always feel jobbed by the officials when they lose close games, especially on the road to high-level teams. Those frustrations are seldom played out in the media, almost never on social media, and usually are kept in the privacy of the locker room or back on the team bus. But Kimbrough knows his team was thisclose to earning the upset of the season so far, and he couldn't help himself. Lesson learned.

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