Los Angeles hit with 3.7-magnitude earthquake in third period of Game 7

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What could possibly add to the drama of the Western Conference finals Game 7 going to overtime? An earthquake for starters.

Game 7 was taking place at United Center in Chicago but all the Kings fans back in LA had to deal with some other ground-shaking. Late in the third period, not long after the Kings tied the game on Marian Gaborik's 12th goal of these playoffs, Souther Cal quaked.

The timing wasn't exactly right but we'd like to think that Gaborik set off the celebration that caused the quake in the LA area because that's fun. Of course what wouldn't be fun is if fans watching at home lost power with a few minutes left and with the Stanley Cup Final berth on the line. It's nerve-racking enough to watch your favorite team in a crucial moment, even worse when you can't watch.

We'd say it's just another day in LA but not really, not when it happens right in the middle of the most intense hockey of the year in LA being played.

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