Dennis Rodman being Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman has been charged with a misdemeanor. Getty Images

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman has been charged with a hit-and-run for a July 20 crash on a freeway in Santa Ana, California. From the Associated Press:

Prosecutors say Rodman's SUV was traveling north in a southbound carpool lane around 12:30 a.m., forcing a sedan to swerve into a dividing wall to avoid a collision.

Rodman's attorney, Paul Meyer, says the incident occurred on a poorly signed exit ramp. He says Rodman corrected the driving error without the cars touching, stopped and spoke to people in the other car.


He could face two years in county jail if convicted.

Rodman, 55, was charged with four misdemeanors: causing the hit-and-run, driving across a highway divider, giving police false information and driving without a valid license. According to the Los Angeles Times, he will be arraigned in January.