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8 big questions as NBA prepares to resume season: Lakers' halfcourt issues, Clippers' lineup possibilities

The league is determined to resume the season, so here's a look at the biggest basketball questions that remain unanswered

Matt Barnes on Donald Sterling, 'Blackballed' documentary: 'What he said wasn't even the worst part about him'

An interview with the ex-Clipper about the disgraced ex-owner, the racial dynamics of pro sports and 'Lob City'

What 'The Last Dance' doesn't tell you about Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson and the breakup of the Chicago Bulls

In the 10th and final episode of the documentary, Jordan says he just wanted to be able to try for another title

Michael Jordan documentary: What to read, watch and listen to after completing 'The Last Dance'

Now that the 10-part documentary is over, we have recommendations to make

'The Last Dance': What Michael Jordan's doc doesn't tell you about Scottie Pippen's refusal to check in

It was 1994: Michael Jordan was playing baseball, and Pippen felt deeply insulted by Phil Jackson

'The Last Dance': What Michael Jordan's documentary doesn't ask about his leadership

Jordan's intense approach is explained in the ESPN/Netflix documentary, but is not challenged

Michael Jordan hits 'The Shot' over Craig Ehlo: What 'The Last Dance' doesn't say about iconic Bulls moment

In 1989, Jordan propelled the Bulls to an upset victory with one of the most memorable shots in NBA history

The Jordan Rules: What 'The Last Dance' documentary doesn't say about Pistons' defense against Michael Jordan

For a time, it seemed like Detroit was the only team with the formula to stop the greatest player on the planet

'The Last Dance': Michael Jordan still bullying Jerry Krause, who shielded the Bulls owner from any scorn

In 'The Last Dance', the 10-part ESPN/Netflix documentary, the legendary Bulls executive takes yet another beating

Michael Jordan-Kobe Bryant connection: What 'The Last Dance' doc doesn't mention about their relationship

Before his death, Bryant spoke about Jordan's mentorship for the documentary

Top 15 NBA players of all time: Discussing Kevin Garnett, Kevin Durant, other greats left off the list

James Herbert and Sam Quinn take a look at the Hall of Famers who barely missed the cut

Where Giannis Antetokounmpo's game goes from here

Three writers discuss the next steps for the Bucks star on the verge of his second consecutive MVP award

Raptors' Pascal Siakam went from an energy guy to an All-Star starter, and he can still make another leap

A look at how the Raptors star can improve in his leading-man role

Isiah Thomas and the Dream Team: What 'The Last Dance' doesn't tell you about Michael Jordan and the 'snub'

The Hall of Fame point guard was famously excluded from the 1992 Olympic team

The next steps in Ben Simmons' development, beyond the obvious for the 76ers All-Star

A discussion about where the Sixers' strangely polarizing 23-year-old All-Star goes from here

James Herbert is somewhat fond of basketball, feature writing and understatements. A former season-ticket holder for the expansion Toronto Raptors, Herbert does not think the NBA was better back in the days of hand checking and illegal defense. He joined CBS Sports in 2014 and lives in Brooklyn.