Mike Trout doesn't get nervous ... except around Derek Jeter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On the field, Jered Weaver says, Mike Trout never gets nervous.

In the American League All-Star clubhouse, with Derek Jeter nearby?

That's different.

As CBSSports.com colleague Scott Miller wrote Monday, Trout grew up in New Jersey idolizing Jeter. He was a Phillies fan, but also a Jeter fan.

And when the 20-year-old Trout walked into the lunchroom Monday and saw an open seat next to the 38-year-olld Jeter, he wasn't sure what to do.

"He was a little nervous," Weaver said.

"Go sit down," Weaver told him.

So Trout went and sat down next to Jeter.

"It was great," Trout said Tuesday. "It was great to just sit down and eat lunch and talk to him."

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