Powerball winner a Royals fan, but didn't pick Royal numbers

A computer chose 16 and 5, presumably not because of Billy Butler and George Brett. (Getty Images)

Sometimes the best stories are just that -- stories.

Sadly, the theory of the Powerball winner picking the numbers of Royals Hall of Fame members is just as false as the thought of the Royals in the World Series.

During Friday's press conference in Dearborn, Mo., Cindy Hill confirmed the winning Powerball numbers were picked by a computer, not for members of the Royals Hall of Fame.

Yahoo.com's Jeff Passan, a Kansas City resident, made it to the news conference to make sure to ask all baseball-related questions.

When winner Mark Hill was asked what Royals numbers he would have picked, he said he would have gone with 20, 5, 26, 37 and 2:

In speculation of the Royals theory, the winning 16 was for Bo Jackson, but it could have also been for the team's representative in last year's All-Star Game, Billy Butler. Butler took notice of the story as well:

Maybe Dayton Moore would be better served using the Quick Pick option instead of whatever system landed him Jonathan Sanchez.

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