Phoenix Suns' logos are getting a little makeover for next season

Your new Suns logos for the 2013-14 season. (@NBCSportsRoc)
Your new Phoenix Suns logos for the 2013-14 season. (@NBCSportsRoc)

The Phoenix Suns could use a facelift. With the departures of Steve Nash, Amar'e Stoudemire and the rest of the contingent that made the organization one of the most entertaining NBA teams we've seen, the team is starting over and trying to convince its fans that Michael Beasley, Wes Johnson and a few decent players are the future of this organization. 

Suns fans are too smart for that and are probably going to wait and see whether they can get Andrew Wiggins in the 2014 NBA Draft before buying in completely on owner Robert Sarver properly leading an organization back to playoff relevancy. Meantime, they can purchase new Suns gear that has updated logos and tweaked colors.

The Suns have gone away from the brighter purple, have a deeper and more burnt orange, and, in an alternate logo, the soaring basketball sun logo has now been replaced with a black sun being put into a figure-four leglock by the Suns' "S." As Trey Kerby from The Basketball Jones points out, you can already buy the new logos on various items, like this shirt, this shirt and this shirt

The Suns changed the colorway on their court this past season, and this new look for the logos blends in a lot better. If they can change their uniforms to reflect it and get away from a purple that is close to the "Forum blue" that the Lakers sport on their jerseys, then the Suns will be ready to sell more jerseys and, hopefully for them, have one with WIGGINS on the back of it next summer. 

(Via @NBCSportsRoc)

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