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NHL Play by Play - Vancouver vs. Los Angeles

Period: 1st · 2nd · 3rd
00.0 LA won faceoff.
23.0 VAN Daniel Sedin shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
40.0 VAN Mikael Samuelsson shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
40.0 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
40.0 VAN won faceoff.
47.0 VAN Mason Raymond shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
48.0 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
48.0 VAN won faceoff.
01:03 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
01:03 VAN won faceoff.
01:15 LA Alexander Frolov shot on goal (Snap Shot)
01:54 VAN Daniel Sedin shot on goal (Backhand Shot)
02:00 LA Anze Kopitar shot on goal (Slap Shot)
02:30 Game Stoppage: Referee
02:30 VAN Daniel Sedin penalty Tripping - 2 min.
02:30 LA won faceoff.
02:39 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
02:39 VAN won faceoff.
04:21 LAPower Play: Dustin Brown shot on goal (Tip-In)
04:21 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
04:21 LA won faceoff.
04:30 Game Stoppage: Hand pass
04:30 VAN won faceoff.
04:36 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
04:36 VAN won faceoff.
05:38 VAN Henrik Sedin shot on goal (Backhand Shot)
05:38 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
05:38 VAN won faceoff.
06:20 LA Alexander Frolov shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
06:21 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
06:21 Game StoppageCommercial
06:21 LA won faceoff.
06:31 VAN Kevin Bieksa shot on goal (Slap Shot)
07:00 VAN Alexander Edler shot on goal (Slap Shot)
07:00 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
07:00 VAN won faceoff.
07:29 VAN GOAL Mikael Samuelsson (Tip-In), Assists: Daniel Sedin and Shane O'Brien
07:29 VAN won faceoff.
07:51 VAN Steve Bernier shot on goal (Wrap Shot)
07:52 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
07:52 LA won faceoff.
08:36 Game Stoppage: Icing
08:36 VAN won faceoff.
10:22 Game Stoppage: Referee
10:22 Game StoppageCommercial
10:22 LA Ryan Smyth penalty Bench - Too Many Men on the Ice - 2 min.
10:22 VAN won faceoff.
11:27 VANPower Play: Christian Ehrhoff shot on goal (Snap Shot)
12:07 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
12:07 VAN won faceoff.
12:16 VANPower Play: GOAL Sami Salo (Slap Shot), Assists: Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin
12:16 LA won faceoff.
13:18 LA GOAL Wayne Simmonds (Wrist Shot), Assists: Ryan Smyth and Jack Johnson
13:18 VAN won faceoff.
13:21 VAN Pavol Demitra shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
13:45 VAN Christian Ehrhoff shot on goal (Slap Shot)
13:57 Game Stoppage: Frozen puck
13:57 LA won faceoff.
14:25 VAN Daniel Sedin shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
14:26 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
14:26 Game StoppageCommercial
14:26 VAN won faceoff.
14:29 VAN Jannik Hansen shot on goal (Wrist Shot)
14:37 LA Wayne Simmonds shot on goal (Snap Shot)
15:33 Game Stoppage: Frozen puck
15:33 LA won faceoff.
16:20 LA Scott Parse shot on goal (Snap Shot)
17:08 VAN GOAL Henrik Sedin (Wrist Shot), Assist: Daniel Sedin
17:08 LA won faceoff.
17:33 LA Drew Doughty shot on goal (Snap Shot)
17:34 Game Stoppage: Goalie Stopped
17:34 LA won faceoff.
18:23 Game Stoppage: Net off post
18:23 LA won faceoff.
18:35 Game Stoppage: Icing
18:35 LA won faceoff.
19:16 Game Stoppage: Puck in crowd
19:16 Game Stoppage: Home timeout
19:16 LA won faceoff.
19:43 VAN GOAL Ryan Kesler (Empty Net), Unassisted
19:44 LA won faceoff.
20:00 VAN Kevin Bieksa penalty Roughing - 2 min.
20:00 LA Wayne Simmonds penalty Cross-Checking - 2 min.
20:00 LA Wayne Simmonds penalty Roughing - 2 min. Shop

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