Twitter fight! Devils respond to Kings with a Patrick Roy response

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The Los Angeles Kings are known for, among other things, having the best team Twitter account in sports. They are engaging, very funny and brash, a combination that makes for a fun follow. There's hardly a dull tweet.

We've seen before that they aren't afraid to push some buttons, as evidenced by their big "You're welcome, Canada!" tweet after the Kings beat the Canucks in last year's playoffs.

That playoff run culminated with a win over the New Jersey Devils in six games for the first Stanley Cup title in franchise history. Since then @LAKings hasn't been afraid to remind everybody.

That goes for the Devils, too.

The Kings, as they are wont to do, had a little fun Monday by reliving some great moments from the Stanley Cup. In their tweet to promote the video, they took a subtle jab at the Devils, who are usually much more mild-mannered when it comes to the team-run account.

But the big surprise came when the Devils didn't take that lying down. It took a few hours, but a response came from the Devils. It was worth the wait.


Knowing how the Kings handle things on Twitter, I'm sure they had a good laugh and will applaud the effort. They dish it out more than any team, but they can take it, too.

The Devils pretty much just pulled a Patrick Roy.

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