VIDEO: Apparent Iranian youth soccer coach brawls with referee

Just three weeks after a teenager pleaded guilty to homicide by assault in the case of the Utah soccer referee, another disturbing video surfaced depicting an apparent Iranian coach getting into an altercation with a referee at what was reportedly a youth soccer game in Iran.

From the initial outlet, 101GreatGoals:

“According to local reports, the offending manager was provoked into his awful assault after the coach was sent off by the official towards the end of the game.”

In fairness, as the video shows, the referee appeared to shove the coach first, but who knows what was said beforehand?

From the same blog, the dispute apparently carried over into the changing rooms where the coach and the referee continued to go at it. The coach was reportedly arrested but has since been released from jail. 

Here's an image after the two left the field: 

The coach (green shirt) being separated from the referee. (101GreatGoals) 

The incident comes just months after a 17-year-old punched Utah referee Ricardo Portillo after disputing one of his calls. Portillo went into a coma and eventually died a week after the assault. 

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