NFL Power Rankings: The Vikings, Eagles crack top five and the AFC South is terrible

As we head to October, some things stand out from the first three weeks of the season:

Is any team that good? Yes, we have some undefeated teams, and the New England Patriots will be really good when Tom Brady gets back, but right now is there a team that opponents fear? I say no.

There are some good 1-2 teams that have to be concerned with their start. Among them are the Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals and Cincinnati Bengals -- three playoff-looking teams when the season began. Now they are all trying to figure out what went wrong the first two weeks, especially Arizona, who lost at Buffalo Sunday.

The AFC South stinks. The Houston Texans are 2-1, but just got shut out in New England. The rest of the division is a combined 2-7, with the 0-3 Jacksonville Jaguars being one of the league's biggest disappointments so far.

Rookie passers Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott are off to great starts, as is first-time starter Trevor Siemian. Now comes the tough part: Keeping it that way in October.

With Siemian playing well, particularly on Sunday in the Broncos' victory over the Cincinnati Bengals on the road, Denver is in the second spot here in my Power Rankings, right behind the Patriots, who stay in the top spot.

The big movers are the Minnesota Vikings, who are up to the third spot with their 3-0 start. The way the defense is playing, they will be tough to beat, even with all the offensive injuries.

The Philadelphia Eagles are also way up to the fifth spot after their beatdown of the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are off this week, so their October games will start next week. It will be interesting to see if they can stay hot.

September games are done now, which means the intensity picks up and the picture will start to crystallize in October.

Maybe by the end of the month, we'll truly know if any of the teams are any good.

Biggest Movers
7 Eagles
11 Giants
1 Patriots Does it matter who plays quarterback? Bill Belichick is putting on a coaching clinic. The defense has a chance to be really good. -- 3-0-0
2 Broncos If Trevor Siemian can play like he did at Cincinnati this team will be tough to beat. He might not be sitting down for a while. -- 3-0-0
3 Vikings This is a team that will be carried by the defense. That was a special game at Carolina. 4 3-0-0
4 Packers They head to the bye feeling much better about their offense. Aaron Rodgers came alive against the Lions. 4 2-1-0
5 Eagles Carson Wentz is off to a great start, but give some love to the defense. That unit has been impressive. 7 3-0-0
6 Steelers What happened against the Eagles? Where was the offense? At least they get Le'Veon Bell back this week. 3 2-1-0
7 Seahawks They face a long trip this week to play the Jets, but at least the offense showed some life against the 49ers. Russell Wilson's health bears watching. 4 2-1-0
8 Ravens They are 3-0, but the three teams they beat are a combined 1-8. So how good are they? 5 3-0-0
9 Cowboys Will there be a quarterback controversy when Tony Romo is healthy? Rookie Dak Prescott sure is playing well. 5 2-1-0
10 Panthers They are 1-2 and coming off a bad home loss to the Vikings. The offensive line was abused. 6 1-2-0
11 Texans Just when you think it's time for this team to take a big step forward, they lay an egg like they did at New England last Thursday. 5 2-1-0
12 Chiefs At 2-1 they face a tough test this week with a Sunday night road game at Pittsburgh. The way their defense played against the Jets, they look ready for it. 3 2-1-0
13 Raiders The defense finally played well at Tennessee to get them to 2-1. Now they face the undefeated Ravens in Baltimore. 3 2-1-0
14 Cardinals They have to be concerned with their start. At 1-2, they are one of the early disappointments. 5 1-2-0
15 Bengals Their three-game schedule has been a tough one. It gets a little softer against the Dolphins on Thursday. 5 1-2-0
16 Giants They now trail the Eagles in the division and face a tough road game at Minnesota. The defense wasn't the same against the Redskins. 11 2-1-0
17 Falcons Matt Ryan has been on fire the first three weeks. They have a big division showdown with the Panthers on Sunday. 4 2-1-0
18 Rams Don't look now, but they are tied for first place. That's all because of the defense. 4 2-1-0
19 Jets They can't make the playoffs if Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn't pick it up. He was terrible against the Chiefs with six picks. 2 1-2-0
20 Colts They won their first game with a late touchdown against the Chargers, and now must go to London to face the Jaguars. 6 1-2-0
21 Chargers At 1-2, they have lost two tough games on the road. They have the look of a team that will be a tough out every week for the opponent. 3 1-2-0
22 Redskins They might have saved their season by winning on the road against the Giants. Now let's see if they can win two straight. 5 1-2-0
23 Dolphins After a hard-fought overtime victory against the Browns, they have to go to Cincinnati on a short week. That won't be easy. 5 1-2-0
24 Bills They showed life in beating the Cardinals in what could be a season saver. Maybe firing Greg Roman was the answer -- for now. 7 1-2-0
25 Buccaneers Jameis Winston is rolling up big numbers, but the defense isn't good right now. That will be a season-long problem. 5 1-2-0
26 49ers Is it time to go to Colin Kaepernick? Blaine Gabbert isn't getting it done. 7 1-2-0
27 Lions Two consecutive losses have them at 1-2 and you have to think coach Jim Caldwell could be in trouble if they don't get it going. 3 1-2-0
28 Titans At 1-2, is it time to re-evaluate the way they play on offense? I would. They ran for 181 yards and scored 10 points against the Raiders. 5 1-2-0
29 Saints They can't stop anybody with that defense. It will be a season-long problem. 1 0-3-0
30 Bears They've had so many injuries early this season, which is partly the reason they are 0-3. It's going to be a long season. 5 0-3-0
31 Jaguars They head to London this week to face the Colts at 0-3. They do still have six games against division teams. 2 0-3-0
32 Browns At least they are competing. If they made one of their three missed field goals against Miami, they probably aren't in this spot. -- 0-3-0
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