Higher demand in Fenway for Jeter finale than ring ceremony game

Derek Jeter's final regular-season game will be played in Fenway Park.
Derek Jeter's final regular-season game will be played in Fenway Park. (USATSI)

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Please sit down, because I'm about to blow your mind. Ready?

Derek Jeter announced he's going to retire after this season.

I know, I know. It's brand new information. Anyway, stick with me, because what follows is at least mildly interesting.

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series last season and, thus, their opening day game will also feature a ring ceremony for the club, chock full of the usual ovations and sure to include some sort of highlights package from the great 2013 season. So, obviously, that's a hot ticket in Fenway Park.

Of course, the final game Derek Jeter will play in his regular-season career will be Sept. 28 in Fenway Park. And it appears that's a ticket in higher demand than the opening-day ring ceremony.

"This last Jeter game is now a tougher ticket than the Opening Day ring ceremony," Jim Holzman, CEO and president of Boston-based Ace Tickets, said (via ESPN.com's Darren Rovell). "Now that's a story."

Well, yes. It's a story, which is why I'm giving a little of our (unlimited, mind you) Internet space here.

It's not an Earth-shattering story by any stretch though.

Let us keep in mind that most Red Sox fans have Jeter along with Mariano Rivera on the short list of Yankees players they still don't like but at least greatly respect. So it only makes sense they'd want to see a legend play his final game, even if for a hated rival.

Secondly, New York City and its surrounding areas aren't very far from Boston. Isn't is possible that Yankees fans immediately checked the schedule upon hearing Wednesday's news and started flooding the market in order to see their beloved shortstop play his final game? Of course it is.

So, yes, this is interesting, let's just not go overboard.

As for Jeter's final home game, it'll be Sept. 25 against the Orioles. Not surprisingly, ticket demand is off the charts already. A $15 bleacher seat is already reportedly going for over $300.

"This is unprecedented," ticket broker Lance Patania told NJ.com. "The game is usually giveaway if the Yankees aren't in the (playoff) hunt."

Whether they're in the hunt or not, the Yankees will be watched closely in the final days of the 2014 season with Jeter's career winding to a close.

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