Marshawn Lynch talks about getting naked for magazine shoot

Beast Mode is baring all. (Twitter/@ESPN/Carlos Serrao)
Beast Mode is baring all. (Twitter/@ESPN/Carlos Serrao)

Marshawn Lynch isn't a big fan of talking to the media, but apparently, he's slightly more willing to open up when he's naked. Beast Mode is one of 22 athletes who bared all for ESPN the Magazine's latest 'Body Issue' and in the magazine, Lynch explains why he was willing to take his clothes off. 

The best part: He did it for fat backs. 

"I got to show some love for the fat backs," Lynch said. "Don't matter if we don't get love, as long as I give mine. I'm cool with my body, I love my body. I wouldn't trade it for no other body."

The interview reveals some interesting nuggets about Lynch. For instance, did you know that he's an Olympic-caliber swimmer?

"Michael Phelps wouldn't have been on the Wheaties box if I stuck with swimming," Lynch said. "I've been swimming since I was a little kid. I still swim. I'm the best. I am Olympic caliber right now, hell yeah."

The best part of Lynch's interview though is probably him explaining how he learned to do a backflip. Unlike most people, he practiced on concrete. 

"To learn to do backflips and front flips, you had to fall and bump your head a couple times," Lynch said. "We used to go around the corner to this parking lot where they had these mattresses, like people would come and throw their old mattresses over there. We used to run and do front flips on them. But then I started trying without the mattresses. Yeah, I had injuries. I did some s--- to my shoulder, got about 14 stitches in my leg, about seven more in my hand. All from the concrete."

ESPN's body issue hits newsstands on July 11. Oh, and just for fun, here's Lynch doing a backflip

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