Robert Griffin III is 'real close to 100 percent'

Robert Griffin III says he's 'close to 100 percent' at this point.
Robert Griffin III says he's 'close to 100 percent' at this point. (USATSI)

Robert Griffin III isn't short on media coverage these days, huh? The Redskins quarterback -- thanks to a combination of his 2012 injury, the town he lives in, his relationship with his coach and his general celebrity -- is pretty well covered.

But that doesn't mean you won't be seeing more of him. Fortunately in his latest appearance the Washington icon had good news. Griffin, appearing on SportCenter's "Sunday Conversation" this week, said that he is "real close to 100 percent."

"I'm real close to 100 percent," Griffin said. "That's the great thing. Even though there's been a process of getting back and getting back into practice it's all been worth it. Coach's plan has been great about me feeling good. Because every day I don't get those team reps I feel that much better."

As I've said approximately eleventy billion times, I think Griffin was somewhere between 75 and 90 percent when Redskins training camp began. It stands to reason that he's already moved closer to being completely healthy.

Of course someone is bound to assume that Griffin is saying he's 100 percent just to spite Mike Shanahan. You know, since they hate each other. Actually, they don't. And Griffin said that the two men are getting along just fine and part of the reality is he needs to talk to Shanny more often.

"Bottom line is I have to talk to coach more," Griffin said. "Coach has a lot of stuff going on on gamedays whether it's offense, defense, substitutions, talking to the refs all those different things. Any time you've got a situation like mine, you've got to talk to the coach directly."

So that's Griffin shouldering some of the blame for the postseason problem against the Seahawks right? That's probably a good thing, even if it's only diplomatic. And how will Griffin avoid that happening again?

Apparently by listening to the voice in his head. And that voice apparently features Haloti Ngata and Griffin's bending knee.

"I think the voice in my head will be the image of Haloti Ngaga bending my knee in half and then what happened to me in the Seattle game," Griffin said. "That'll be the voice in my head. It's not anything or a sense of fear but it's definitely something you learn. I learned from it. I had to learn the hard way but I want to be in the NFL for a long time."

These are all precisely the sort of things you want to hear from Griffin. It's an indication he's maturing as an on-the-field guy. And it's also clear that he's learned a lesson about what he says to the media in the offseason too.

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