Terrell Owens to appear on 'Dr. Phil' with his 3 baby mamas

T.O. says “I would love a relationship with my kids" but admits it's been tough. (US PRESSWIRE/Getty Images)

For not having played an NFL game since 2010, Terrell Owens has been in the news a lot recently. And if you love you some T.O. you'll love this: on Tuesday, May 8, he'll appear on Dr. Phil … along with his three baby mamas (Dr. Phil's words -- seriously -- not ours).

During a Monday appearance on the CBS Morning Show, the good doctor took part in a riveting discussion about Tanning Mom and weighed in on the tragic death of Junior Seau before speaking more generally about the pressures professional athlete's face.

"Eighty percent end up bankrupt, divorced or in serious financial trouble within two years of being out of the league," Dr. Phil said. "… The research says that it's because of the hangers-on, getting ripped off by advisors…"

Which brings us to Terrell Owens. Dr. Phil offered a glimpse into Owens' situation at the 3:40 mark in the video below. (And if you're into slow-motion train wrecks, set your DVRs for Tuesday at 4 p.m. to watch the whole thing.)

The details for those of you too lazy to click the play button: Dr. Phil said Owens "[S]ays he wants to set the record straight. He wants to tell people he's not the person the media has depicted him of being," adding "I'm not sure he made a lot of progress with these women."

At one point during the encounter, one of the women tells T.O., "I have been raising our daughter to the best of my ability. I've tried to be the best mother I can be. I have always supported you Terrell and I think you know that. I have come to your defense all the time because I realize you are my child's father. I would not wish any harm on you, I wish you nothing but the best because I know how I feel as a daughter."

Owens disagreed when asked if he believed what the women were saying.

Dr. Phil contends that he didn't ambush Owens by bringing him on with the three women who have fathered his children. Instead, T.O. "said he wanted to it set straight. He said, 'Look, there's two sides the every story.' He said, 'When I call to see the children, they're busy. The mothers don't cooperate.' That's why he was shaking his head 'no,' but, I mean, come on, he hasn't seen these kids much, you know, year after year, so come on."

Owens admitted that poor investments cost him nearly all of the $80 million he earned during his NFL career but said that “I would love a relationship with my kids, but…with all the circumstances it’s been difficult.”

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