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Sure Tiger Woods would draw more eyeballs to the Ryder Cup. But based on stats, he has no business on the team.
Can Roger Goodell seriously ban Josh Gordon for a full year for a questionable positive for pot when Ray Rice only got two games? No, he can't. And everyone knows it.
The Browns thought Johnny Manziel would change his ways. Now they're 'alarmed' and 'shocked' he didn't. What did they expect, and why did they draft him?
There can be only one reason why the Bulls are making trade offers for Kevin Love: to force the Cavaliers to weaken themselves by giving more to the Wolves.
Roger Goodell had the chance to make a bold statement by hitting Ray Rice with a heavy suspension, but instead the commissioner brutally fails.
Jay Paterno's lawsuit against his former employer, Penn State, is a joke. It doesn't take long to find the non-truth that brings it all down.
Doyel: Just because Tony Dungy says he wouldn't want the attention that comes with drafting Michael Sam doesn't make him homophobic. It just makes him honest.
Gregg Doyel: Chris Kluwe went over the line Friday night with tweets about an underage girl and former Vikings teammates.
LeBron James is the NBA's biggest power broker. His reach, albeit indirectly, could help decide who is elected president in 2016.
Gregg Doyel: If new assistant coach Keelon Lawson brings his talented sons with him to play basketball at Memphis -- it makes sense to me.

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