For the second time this season, punches were thrown during a nasty benches clearing brawl. Last month the Rangers and Blue Jays were involved in an ugly scene in Texas. On Tuesday, it was the Royals and Orioles in Baltimore.

The brawl started when Yordano Ventura plunked Manny Machado with a pitch in the fifth inning. Machado charged the mound and started throwing punches.

Here's video:

Ventura dropped his glove and his hat and got ready to the fight, so he didn't shy away from Machado. He instigated it and did not back down.

It appears this all started earlier in the game. Machado ripped an RBI single in his first at-bat; next time up, he hit a long fly ball to left field that got knocked down by the wind and stayed in the park. He admired it a bit and Ventura apparently took exception, because he started chirping. Next time up, Ventura plunked Machado.

Of course, these two have a history of benches-clearing incidents. Ventura has incited brawls with the White Sox and Angels in recent years by throwing at opposing players. Machado got into a fracas with Josh Donaldson two years ago.

Machado and Ventura were the only players ejected from the game. Needless to say, suspensions will be handed down, especially considering their histories.