I wish all of the Philadelphia 76ers' victories came on walk-off shots, if only to see center Joel Embiid celebrate them. Last week, he fell to the floor as he was hyping up the hero of the night, Robert Covington. On Wednesday, when T.J. McConnell broke the New York Knicks' hearts, Embiid lost his mind and grabbed the guard around the neck.

And then he danced.

Embiid missed the first two years of his professional career because of foot trouble, and now he appears to be making up for lost time by enjoying every moment as much as he can. How can you not love this guy?

Also: Embiid posted the best photo of him and McConnell to his Instagram account:

My mf point GOD!!!! Big time shot @tjmcconnell...... I was trying to kill that boy lmao #TheProcess #KnicksTape #MyAdoptedChild

A photo posted by Joel "The Process" Embiid (@joelembiid) on

This is the most fun the Sixers have had in years.